Afford a childseat

So you want to drive with your baby in the car and you want to keep it safe. But do you know how to choose a car seat? There are more things to consider than the price and all of them are listed below.

Consider your child’s age

Not all of the car seats you see are appropriate for your baby. There are different types you can choose from and these include infant, front-facing and booster car seats. Typically the infant car seats are used for kids under 2 years old, the front-facing car seats for 2 to 8-year-olds and booster seats are for 8-12-year-old kids and older.

However, you have to consider your baby’s weight and height too, so be sure to read all the instructions in the manual!

You don’t need the most expensive seat

Every seat you can find in the shop is approved for their safety if they have the JPMA stamp. Expensive seats don’t offer more protection; rather they add more features on the seat, such as accessories and better fabric. Your kid’s protection is what matters the most and even a cheap one will be enough for that.